Congratulations to Captain Dan Greene along with team members Dick Percoski, Jon Rich, Dave Sheehan, Dan McEleney, Gary Adams and Gerry Dougherty on their championship victory!


Our second home and home challenge against the Lochmere guys will be on September 15th at Lochmere, and September 22nd at Pheasant Ridge. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the league bulletin board at the Ridge. If you have someone who you want to match up with go ahead and do that - the averages will be adjusted. Please inform someone on the LRIGL board if you have pre-arranged a match so we can plan accordingly. If you have not pre-arranged a match with a Lochmere member, sign up and we will match you up with someone as close to your average as possible. If you just want to play at Lochmere on the 15th you can do that as well – please head on over to Lochmere and enjoy their fine course.  The last tab on this site will be updated with matches as that info becomes available.  You can still view the results of the playoff matches on the results page.


We will have four fun nights starting September 8th. The first night will be a two man quota point scramble.  You may choose your own partner.  The second and third night will be a quota point individual play similar to Presidents Cup Competition for those that don’t want to play either or both of the home and home challenges with the Lochmere guys, and the fourth night will be a two man best ball straight up tournament.


The end of year banquet will be the first Thursday in October, which is October 6th. The banquet will be at the Ridge and catered by Contigiani’s in our usual spot. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board at the Ridge


Finally elections will be held at the banquet. Running again for president is Mike MacFadzen, Vice President Jeff Thurston, Treasurer Mike Andrews, Jack Lyman has decided to retire from the board and Rob Olsen has been nominated for secretary, handicap Chairman Jon Rich. If anyone in the league would like to run for a board position please see one of the Rules committee members, Dan Green, Brendon Quigley, Sean Sullivan or Rick Edson.


Thanks for a great year and let’s have fun and bring home another victory over the Lochmere guys!!!!!!!!



Mike MacFadzen, President.



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